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If you want the best, it's Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, or (800) 294-6637. If you've been injured, brutalized by police, the victim of a medical mistake, in a motorcycle, car or truck accident or unjustly fired or harassed on the job, you need Lawyer Geoffrey Fieger. The renowned attorney appears In this video: Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Jenny Jones. Those were big cases of mine that made big headlines. But for every high-profile case I've won there have been thousands of others that weren't as well known. At Fieger Law we choose our cases on merit alone so every case receives our best. Sure some of our cases make the evening news but most of our cases are making something else a difference. So when no one else will stand up for you, we will. If you've been injured or victimized and need someone to stand up for you, call Fieger Law (800) 294-6637 or visit and click on "Tell Us About Your Case." You can speak with our intake department or fill out our online case submission form for a free consultation. You don't pay unless we win.

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