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Birth injuries can include injuries to the brachial plexus, which is a network of nerves that passes from the spinal cord through the vertebrae of the neck and into the arm. The brachial plexus influences all of the nerves of the arm, providing movement and feeling to the shoulder, arm, hand, and fingers.

Types of common brachial plexus injuries:

  • Erb’s palsy
  • Klumpke paralysis
  • Erb-Duchenne paralysis
  • Brachial palsy

Injuries to the brachial plexus can cause pain, numbness and in some cases, complete paralysis to the upper limbs. It can occur during birth and delivery due to doctor error, such as excessive stretching of the neck or pulling of the arm.

It is estimated that brachial plexus injuries occur in 0.15 to 3 of every 1,000 live births, with Erb’s palsy being the most common. Erb’s palsy refers specifically to damage or injury to the brachial plexus nerves affecting movement and rotation of the upper, and sometimes the lower arm as well.

What Are the Symptoms of Erb’s Palsy?

According to doctors, there are various symptoms that you should watch for if you believe your child may have Erb’s palsy or a brachial plexus injury:

  • Weakness or numbness in one arm; the arm may hang by your child’s side and be rotated inward
  • Decreased grip strength in the hand on the affected arm
  • Limited motion in the shoulder, bicep, elbow, forearm, wrist, or hand
  • Partial or total paralysis of the arm
  • Impaired circulatory, muscular and nervous development

If you believe your child was injured as a result of medical negligence or malpractice, Fieger Law can help you get justice. Raising a child with a disability can be expensive, but with proper compensation you can ensure that your child receives the quality of life they deserve.


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