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Welcome to Fieger Law, where we represent injury victims throughout the U.S. If you or someone you love was seriously injured in an accident, you’ll need proven legal representation on your side as you fight for the full and fair compensation you’re owed. Fieger Law should be your first call. With decades of experience behind him and multi-million dollar results to his name, Attorney Geoffrey Fieger is America’s most famous trial lawyer. Watch some of the short videos below to learn more about how Attorney Fieger and our entire team can help you after an accident.


A Celebration of America

The African American story is unique because of the legacy of slavery. Let’s recognize that Black History Month is truly a celebration of America.

Check out the Charles H. Wright Museum

Learn more about Black History Month, by visiting the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit.

Fieger Speaks Out About Immigrants

Our cultural and economic wealth is owed to people who are not immigrants but were forced to come here as slaves.

Fieger Family Celebrates Black History Month

Hi, this is Geoff Fieger. February is Black History Month. All Americans should take the opportunity to highlight and to bring into focus the rich tapestry of the black community. Let’s learn from the struggles of the past, the contributions of the present, the hopes and opportunities of the future. My family is proud to […]

Geoffrey Fieger Honors Black History Month

Black History Month encourages all of us to come together to celebrate the achievements of a proud people. We also look back at the soul of a century. We celebrate the strengths and the triumphs of African-Americans who are still fighting for equal rights, still fighting for liberty, still fighting for justice. As a nation […]

America’s Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks are responsible for more accidents, injuries and death. When it comes to truck accidents nobody knows the law better than Geoffrey Fieger, “America’s Trial Lawyer.”

What’s The Cost?

Call Fieger Law … and it doesn’t cost you anything unless we win.