Michigan’s Best Answer to
Injustice & Negligence

In over 70 years of practice, Fieger Law has set vital legal precedents, protected our clients from unjust and reckless police officers, spoken out against corruption and inequality, and secured hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. That’s more than many law firms could ever ask for, but our Southfield attorneys are far from finished.

The secret to our success is hardly a secret. We have some of the most successful and seasoned attorneys in the nation at our firm. These talented legal professionals provide their wealth of experience and expertise to all of our cases. Our team includes former Department of Justice prosecutors, award-winning trial attorneys, legal scholars, and lawyers with hundreds of trials under their belts.

Fieger Law can confidently say this: there are few teams in the United States as experienced and well-equipped as we are.

Our lawyers have a vast pool of knowledge that they apply in innovative strategies. They mirror the vision of our lead attorney by championing the rights of every underdog case we take on, whether it’s a birth injury case, a wrongful police shooting, or a severe work injury.

What sets our Southfield injury firm apart from other firms is simple: we are highly principled lawyers. Each of us is committed to a unique practice of the law with a shared singular vision: advocate for the voiceless, the abused, and those hurt by the powerful.

There is no field more level than a courtroom. Our attorneys are determined to give you the chance to face those who hurt you and demand justice for your pain.