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Over 70 Years of Winning the Largest Verdicts in America

It’s a rare thing when a law firm becomes a part of history. It’s even rarer when a trial lawyer consistently plays a role on the national stage again and again, helping people live safer and freer lives


Led by Geoffrey Fieger, renowned for winning injury verdicts and his work with suicide-doctor Jack Kevorkian, the Fieger Law firm has spent half a century securing the largest personal injury and medical malpractice verdicts in some of the most notable cases in U.S. history. 

Our firm won the largest verdict in Michigan history and one of the largest nationwide: $144 million for a little girl who was permanently brain-damaged at birth. We aren’t afraid of anyone.

Achieving justice for those who can’t fight for themselves is the everyday mantra at Fieger Law.

Our work to help victims in the Flint Water Crisis is setting important legal precedents, paving the way for others to get the support and repayment they need.

We hold police officers and public servants accountable for misconduct to ensure that our legal system addresses people of all races equally.

We don’t back down. We will fight for you.


Our firm was founded by Bernard Fieger, the father of Lead Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, with a single mission:

“As advocates for the people, it’s important to fight for a cause… we must fight for the rights of victims and champion the underdog against corporate power and greed.”

With a client history that includes children unjustly accused of murder, babies permanently injured by negligent hospitals, communities poisoned by reckless environmental practices, and countless other forms of injustice, our firm continues to be a champion for the underdog.

If you’re facing impossible odds against a powerful opponent, whether it’s an insurance company, a manufacturer or the local police department, Fieger Law will fight for you.


The History of Fieger Law

  • College Grad

    Geoffrey Nels Fieger from Oak Park High graduates from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Speech (theater).

  • Master of Arts

    Fieger adds to his degrees, graduating from the University of Michigan M.A. program in Speech.

  • Doctor of Law

    Geoffrey graduates with his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the Detroit College of Law — now the Michigan State University College of Law.

  • First Win: $1 Million

    Geoffrey Fieger wins his first case, Katz v. Oakland Medical Center, a $1 million verdict for his client.

  • Rising Star

    Geoffrey goes on to win multiple million-dollar verdicts each year earning a reputation as the top young attorney in Michigan.

  • Fighting for Dignity

    In cases that made global headlines, Fieger is retained to represent Dr. Jack Kevorkian in six doctor-assisted suicide murder trials that put a spotlight on the issue. Geoffrey is a tireless advocate for the issue. Kevorkian was acquitted in all those trials when Geoffrey represented him.

  • Giving Back

    Fieger donates four million dollars to the Detroit College of Law — now the Michigan State University College of Law — to start the nation’s first trial practice institute for law students, named the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute.

  • For The People

    The Democratic Party nominates Geoffrey for Governor of the State of Michigan.

  • Fighting Hate Crimes

    After appearing on The Jenny Jones Show and professing his “crush” on another man, Scott Amedure was killed by that man. In a sensational case aired daily on Court TV, Geoffrey Fieger sues the show and Warner Brothers and receives a $25 million jury verdict for the family.

  • Fighting for Kids

    In agreement with juvenile justice experts, Fieger took on the case of Nathaniel Abraham trial — the youngest person ever tried for first-degree murder as an adult in the state of Michigan. Geoffrey convinces the court to sentence Nathaniel as a juvenile.

  • Hollywood Calls

    Along with Marcia Clark, Johnnie Cochran, Gloria Allred, Christopher Darden, Geoffrey joins some of the most renowned legal names in the country and stars for two years in the daily show, Power of Attorney — a nationally-syndicated series that gives viewers a real look at how high-profile trials work from the point of view of famous attorneys cross-examining witnesses.

  • Expert Analysis

    Geoffrey appears nightly as a legal analyst on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News with Greta Van Susteren.

  • Record Setting Verdict

    Christopher Moreland was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. On the night he was taken into custody he was subjected to multiple abuses that led to his death. While the deputies involved were acquitted of federal criminal charges, Geoffrey Fieger alleged a violation of Moreland’s civil rights, winning a jury trial and $56.5 million verdict — the largest in Indiana history.

  • Malpractice Win

    A routine knee operation resulted in the death of a patient — a surgeon at the hospital. Geoffrey Fieger took the South Carolina Medical Center to court and the family was awarded $30 million — the largest verdict in South Carolina history.

  • Fighting for Infants

    Geoffrey Fieger secured a $145 million-dollar verdict for the Van Slembrouck family whose baby who was permanently disabled by malpractice at William Beaumont Hospital. The largest verdict ever awarded in a medical malpractice case in the nation, it’s just more proof that Fieger Law is one the nation’s top birth trauma law firms.

  • Hollywood Calls II

    The Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning film “You Don’t Know Jack” is released. With Al Pacino playing Jack, and Danny Huston playing Geoffrey, the film documents Geoffrey’s struggles for justice on behalf of Jack and the right to die with dignity.

  • Never Giving Up

    Nearly ten years after her child suffered malpractice at the hands University of Chicago Hospital, Geoffrey Fieger persuaded an Illinois jury to award Lisa Ewing $53 million for her child Isaiah who suffers from cerebral palsy, permanent brain damage, and is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

  • Guilty of Malpractice

    A botched operation left a 10-year-old young girl partially paralyzed with permanent loss of bladder and bowel control. Geoffrey Fieger and his team went after the Detroit Medical Center and received a verdict of $135 million for the family.

  • Justice Matters

    Aiyana Stanley-Jones was just seven years old when she was killed by Detroit Police while sleeping in a filmed raid nine years earlier. With Geoffrey Fieger fighting for her memory, the city of Detroit paid $8.25 million.

  • Fighting for Victims

    Another Fieger win. A Chicago jury awards over $23 million to the family of infant Amirah Whiten who sustained brain damage after doctors at Saint Joseph Hospital failed to perform a caesarian section to deliver her quickly enough.

  • Hollywood Calls (Again)

    After decades of dealing with the media circus, it only makes sense that Geoffrey Fieger is featured in the Netflix series Trial by Media — a true crime documentary series focusing on the most sensational trials of a generation.

  • Best In History

    Geoffrey has won more million-dollar verdicts and settlements than any attorney in American history.

  • Let Us Win For You!

    Birth injury. Medical Malpractice. Accidents. Police Misconduct. Mesothelioma & Asbestos. Prescription Drugs. Fieger Law continues to achieve record-breaking verdicts and settlements, and is considered unparalleled in personal injury and civil rights litigation. Geoffrey Fieger has achieved more multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements than any other attorney in America.

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