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“For centuries, our lawyers, a priestly caste, used a mysterious tongue, composed of Latin, French, English, incantation and a bit of mumbling. These continue, more or less, to the present day — Latin less, English more, French absorbed, incantation down a bit, mumbling steady.” – Charles Rembar

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Adam Winn graduated from the University of Arizona with an M.A. in Sociology. He attended law school at Wayne State University where he was a three-year scholarship recipient and received a near-perfect GPA.

Adam focuses his practice on appellate law and has served in the Court of Appeals as a research attorney. He joined Fieger Law in May 2022 to provide his expertise and insight to the unique rules that apply to appeal cases.

Coming from a blue-collar background and being disabled since birth, Adam grew up with the sense that the social world was designed for someone other than himself. His perspective was that there were good-hearted people who really cared about fairness but the “system” — from the choices of the powerful to the prejudices of everyday people — was rather cold and indifferent. Adam had a growing sense that at least half of the rules we as a society live by are irrational, which led him to philosophy and social theory. While working on his Ph.D. in sociology, he received a legal scholarship.

Adam realized that the law offered a way to bring the theoretical perspectives he had been developing to the places where decisions were being made. He could still do his favorite thing — write about the social world. But instead of authoring academic articles that no one would ever read, he could go to work fixing real problems for real people — in the same way that every day his father went to work, he fixed someone’s car.

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