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Protecting the Rights of Michigan Employees

Has your employer mistreated you? Do their actions contradict what they said in an employee handbook or employment contract? Have you been subject to wrongful discrimination, sexual harassment, or unlawful retaliation and/or termination? If so, you might qualify for a legal remedy under either Michigan or Federal law.

To determine the full nature and extent of the rights you have under Michigan and Federal employment laws, you should retain the services of a serious Michigan employment law attorney for legal representation.

At the offices of Fieger Law, our dedicated team of employment law attorneys can help you recover a just remedy for the wrongs that your employer inflicted upon you and possibly your fellow employees. With more than 50 years of successes logged in our litigation record, we can help ensure that your rights as an employee are given their proper respect.

For more information, call Fieger Law at (800) 294-6637 to explore your legal options today.

Comprehensive Legal Advocacy in Employment Matters

Employers are subject to the labor laws of the State of Michigan as well as the Federal government. These laws ensure that employees are paid proper wages, are given rest and meal breaks, and work in an environment that is from unlawful discrimination.

Our attorneys have experience litigating employment law cases such as:

  • Unpaid wages
  • Improper wage deductions
  • Employment discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hostile work environment

Contact Our Experienced Michigan Employment Lawyer

An individual’s ability to pursue an honest and decent livelihood is so important that both Federal and State laws have established legal standards to make sure employers don’t take advantage of their employees. Fairness in employment may seem like a hard balance to strike, but it’s an essential balance for most Americans. That’s why we at the offices of Fieger Law are passionate about representing employees in Michigan in various employment law matters. We are dedicated to making sure you can earn a decent living, and that your hard work is properly rewarded.

To schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated Michigan employment lawyers about your case, call the offices of Fieger law at (800) 294-6637 or contact us online today.

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When you choose Fieger Law, you are choosing dynamic representation that is backed by generations of experience. Let our seasoned advocates fight on your behalf!

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