lawyerWhen you or a loved one is injured, you are probably experiencing one of the most difficult times in your life, and this might even be your first time filing a personal injury lawsuit. You will want to find the right fit for you and the circumstances of your case, so you should not settle for just any law firm. Preparing a list of questions for when you interview the attorney you may potentially hire plays a critical role in selecting the right representation.

Some questions might seem obvious or too straightforward, but they can be some of the most important questions you will ask. What is the attorney’s rate of success? How many cases like yours have they handled? How many outcomes have they won in favor of the client? Do they often settle out of court, or typically try cases in court?

Additionally, knowing if personal injury is a minor or major part of their law firm is important, since it can reflect how much of their resources may be dedicated to your case. Ask what potential problems they anticipate arising in your case and how they expect to address them. Questions like these can provide clarity on what to expect.

You also should ask how they charge for their services. Is it based on an hourly rate or do they operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning they are only paid if you win? If so, what percentage do they take? Contingency fees are a great way to hire an attorney without having to pay hourly fees regardless if you lose or win, but you also want to make sure they charge a fair percentage. Knowing this number up front may even be a decisive factor.

The Southfield personal injury lawyers at Fieger Law have fought for victims’ rights for over 70 years have won more than 165 verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more. We are experts at personal injury cases.