Man evaluating truck tiresFor many, the idea of suffering an injury is daunting, especially when you consider that it’s most often caused because of someone else’s negligent and reckless actions. It’s difficult to overcome the overwhelming emotion and physical damage on your own.

Even more complex is when other situations are present, such as an accident caused by something such as a crash involving a large semi-truck. These types of accidents aren’t just physically damaging, they can also have a large emotional toll on us because trucks are so prominent on the road.

When a trucking accident occurs, it’s quick to point the blame on the driver of the truck, but it’s also important for injured parties to understand that the truck driver is not the only person at fault—in fact they might not be at fault at all.

In many cases, it is the trucking company who should be considered negligent and forced to accept liability in a trucking accident. Below, we detail the ways in which a trucking company may be considered responsible for the crash and the subsequent injuries.

There are many situations in which large commercial truck drivers are too tired to properly and safely operate their trucks. And it’s easy to see why they may be the at-fault party in the event that fatigue causes a serious accident.

However, there are other situations that may come into play and the fatigued driver may not be violating the Hours of Service regulations on their own accord. There may be underlying factors to this decision, including the following:

If it is shown that the trucking company and the owner did anything to force the driver to work longer than they should and it resulted in a crash caused by a tired driver, the company and owner may be held accountable for the damages.