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What Are the Most Common Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?
Sep 20, 2021

Several state and federal laws protect workers from sexual harassment. Sadly, laws themselves aren’t enough to prevent workplace sexual harassment, though they do offer workers legal recourse when they’ve been harassed at work. Every worker needs to know that they have a right to a work environment free of sexual harassment. If their rights are […]

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Delaying a C-Section Is a Suable Offense
Sep 13, 2021

Obstetricians and nurses have an obligation to provide the best care possible to their patients. One of the delivery methods they can use to prevent birth complications is a cesarean section (or C-section). Though C-sections aren’t always preferred as a delivery method, they can prevent serious injuries and death in certain situations. If complications are […]

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What Are the Rules About Driving in School Zones in Michigan?
Sep 6, 2021

No stretch of road requires more focus or care from drivers than a school zone. Drivers hold the safety of students in their hands when they drive near schools or buses, so it’s essential they pay close attention to Michigan’s school zone traffic laws. Let’s review what Michigan law says about driving in school zones […]

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Boaters Who Drink and Drive Can Be Held Liable
Aug 30, 2021

Operating a boat is a serious responsibility, as the safety of passengers and others on the water depends on the competence of operators. Just like in road vehicles, there’s a limit on how much alcohol an operator can consumer and still drive legally. When boat operators are intoxicated, they not only endanger others, they also […]

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Is Your Employer Liable for Construction Site Heat Strokes?
Aug 23, 2021

During summer, the longer days and warm weather mean busier construction sites. And those construction sites are only as safe as construction companies and supervisors make them. One of the biggest dangers construction workers encounter is extreme heat, which can cause devastating injuries and illnesses if proper precautions aren’t taken. Overheating can cause workers to […]

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Truck Drivers, Have You Been Misclassified?
Aug 16, 2021

Most truckers work hard and have responsibilities unlike those of any other worker. Over the past few decades, a truck driver’s workload has increased while the pay and benefits have steadily declined. One of the biggest factors fueling this change is the misclassification of truckers. Let’s look at what misclassification means, and what truck drivers […]

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How to Know Whether a Birth Injury is a Doctor’s Fault
Aug 9, 2021

After a birth injury, the parents of the affected child face a lot of uncertainty. They wonder how seriously the injury will impact their child, how the injury happened, and whether it was caused by a healthcare provider’s mistake. Determining the cause of a birth injury can be challenging for parents. Deciding whether the injury […]

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5 Reasons Why More Car Accidents Happen in the Summer
Aug 2, 2021

No season is completely safe for drivers. Fall ushers in shorter days and more nighttime driving, winter can mean icy roads, and spring brings plenty of storms that drivers must navigate. But summer presents its own set of risks to motorists. We’ve identified five key reasons why summer has more car accidents than any other […]

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Why Most Construction Accidents Happen in the Summer
Jul 26, 2021

Summer is usually a busy season in the construction industry. Unfortunately, the season also presents many risks for construction workers, some of which are caused by the extreme temperatures. Let’s take a look at the most common risks facing construction workers in the hottest months of the year. Common Injuries on Construction Sites in the […]

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