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Who Should You Sue After a Slip and Fall?
Nov 29, 2021

Many people in the United States are injured in slip and fall accidents every year. A head injury or broken bone happens in one in every five falls. In 2019, approximately 244,000 workers were injured by falls and needed time off from work, and 880 workers died as a result of falls. A slip or […]

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What Types of Birth Injuries Do Lawyers Handle?
Nov 22, 2021

Babies are vulnerable to serious injury during pregnancy, labor, and immediately after birth. Injuries may occur even during routine procedures, such as an Apgar test, if your baby is mishandled. Birth injuries may be minor, like bruises and cuts, or serious, such as broken bones or brain damage. It is up to the healthcare professionals […]

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What Should I Do if I Was Injured by a Police Officer’s Excessive Force?
Nov 15, 2021

If an interaction with police officers results in injuries or bodily harm, this may be a case of excessive force. If you have been injured by a law enforcement officer using excessive force, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve when you’ve been a […]

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Do Insurance Companies Automatically Pay for Pain and Suffering?
Nov 8, 2021

After a serious accident resulting in injuries that wasn’t your fault, you could be owed compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer. Most medical expenses, lost income, and other financial losses could be included in that compensation. But what about all the non-financial costs you’ve suffered, like physical pain, mental stress, and emotional suffering? These types […]

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Should I Contact an Employment Lawyer Before I Quit My Job If I Plan to Sue?
Nov 1, 2021

When an employee is mistreated at work, their natural instinct is often to quit their job as soon as possible. That’s true whether they’ve been harassed, discriminated against, or denied payment or benefits. But when an employee plans to sue their employer for their mistreatment, should they hire an attorney before or after they notify […]

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The Biggest Reason Most Parents Don’t File Birth Injury Claims
Oct 25, 2021

Birth injuries are common, yet birth injury lawsuits are not. Why do so many parents not pursue compensation for the many birth injury-related costs they’ll face, especially when a healthcare provider’s negligence was the cause? The answer is simple: Most parents don’t even realize that their child’s injury was the result of medical negligence. Healthcare […]

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Can I Be Forced to Work Off the Clock?
Oct 18, 2021

If there’s one thing most American workers have in common, it’s the pressure from their employers to be as productive as possible. In some cases, they’re even asked to do work outside of their normal work hours. For example, many retail and food and beverage industry workers are told by their employers to clock out […]

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How Soon Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?
Oct 11, 2021

After a car accident, you might have many issues to deal with—doctor appointments, vehicle repairs, and all the challenges that come with a serious injury. The last thing on your mind might be calling a lawyer. However, contacting a lawyer soon after a car accident offers you many benefits when it comes time to recover […]

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Who Can You Sue After a Truck Accident in Michigan?
Oct 4, 2021

Commercial truck accidents are notorious for the injuries and damage they cause. They’re also known for being more legally complex than other types of vehicle accidents. That’s because there are many laws governing commercial vehicles and their drivers. To make things even more complex, there are often several parties who share responsibility for any given […]

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