Since 1950, Fieger Law has not committed to any one area of the law—we’ve been committed to a mission, a vision. In the words of our founding attorney, Bernard Fieger:

As advocates for the people, it’s important to fight for a cause. We must fight for the rights of victims and champion the underdog against corporate power and greed.

Or, as Geoffrey Fieger puts it: “If You Don’t Stand For Something, You End Up Standing For Nothing.®

Our mission drives us to serve our clients in every way we can, which has resulted in our firm having an extensive amount of knowledge regarding nearly every area of the law. In any case we take, we have only one requirement: fight for what’s right and just.

Fieger Law has more than risen to this challenge, as we have some of the most highly skilled and diverse attorneys in the nation working under our roof. No one knows the law like us—whether you need to appeal a court’s decision or you’re facing a denied Social Security Disability Insurance claim.

Why We Win Our Cases

What makes us so effective is our ability to investigate a case to its root causes and discover where injustice has occurred. Once our attorneys identify the problem, we become courtroom bulldogs ensuring the wrong gets righted. That’s the second half of our approach that makes us one of the most successful firms in the U.S.—we prepare every case for trial. Every one.

When our opponents see us walk into the room, they know we don’t bluff. More importantly, they know they won’t get away with bluffing either.

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