driver with both hands on the steering wheelEvery time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you put yourself at potential risk of a severe crash. Of course, these risks are most often there because you can never fully predict the actions of other drivers, not because you make bad decisions on the road.

Before you get in your car or truck, it’s vital for you to recognize the various ways to drive defensively to avoid the potential negligence of other drivers. While you cannot predict the actions of others and how they’ll react on the road, there are things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of getting to your destination without experiencing a crash.

The 10 top defensive driving techniques you’ll learn about in this
blog include:

  1. Focus on the road and driving
  2. Drive like others will make a mistake
  3. Follow the speed limits of the road
  4. Use your seat belt and other safety devices
  5. Always indicate an intention to turn or merge
  6. Give space to other drivers around you
  7. Never drive in someone else’s blind spots
  8. Keep weather and road conditions in mind
  9. Always maintain your vehicle as necessary
  10. Know what to do if you’re being tailgated

If someone crashes into you, it’s vital to know your rights.
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One of the worst causes of crashes on the road is distracted driving. Unfortunately, even the slightest cognitive distraction can take a driver’s focus away. For instance, a driver who daydreams or looks away to a car on the side of the road can be dangerous.

It’s imperative for all drivers to focus solely on the task at hand. If all drivers look ahead and focus on the road, they can identify signs of danger to stay safe. Focusing on the road lets you prepare for the actions of others, debris on the road, and more, so you can avoid a potential crash.