Attorney Geoffrey Fieger is in the spotlight after a new TV commercial emerged with a powerful message against the Republican President-elect Donald Trump, ending with a 2020 tagline. It left some wondering if the Michigan attorney had presidential aspirations, to which he suggested that they will have to, “Just keep wondering.”

In the ad, Fieger criticized the ugliness that served as the basis for Trump’s campaign and the racism, bigotry, and misogyny that arose from it, unveiling the worst feelings of Americans.

It is not the first time that Fieger has engaged in political discourse. In 1998, he ran for governor, but lost to Gov. John Engler by a 62%-38% margin. That has not stopped him from suggesting that he would run for another political office in the future. If someone like Trump can win the seat of the presidency, Fieger believes anything is possible. With one political campaign under his belt, he now knows what the endeavor requires.

While Fieger has not said if he intends to run for president in the future, he believes that it is important to stand up to Trump and what he represents. America is a melting pot and the idea of a wall and other isolationist ideals go against our very foundation.

His super PAC from his 1998 gubernatorial run is dissolved, but he still has a political campaign committee, so perhaps a future run is not completely out of the questions.

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