How Does Uneven Weight Cause Semi Trucks to Roll Over?You may have seen it on the news or driving passed it on a highway: a large truck turned over to its side and the extensive damage that comes with it. Unfortunately, these are not uncommon and roll over accidents are one of the most serious that can occur.

Understanding what causes a rollover accident is important if the crash results in a serious injury. It can help show who may be held negligent for the actions that caused your significant injuries based on negligence involved.

One way in which a rollover accident can occur is if the trailer is loaded in an uneven manner and one side is much heavier than the other. The moment the truck driver makes a sharp turn, the weight may go with it.

As a result, the weight pulls the rest of the trailer and it can land on the heavier side that’s pulling with the turn. This may be preventable if the truck’s trailer is loaded in a manner where weight is evenly distributed.

Many trucks travel through areas where winds can be much higher, enough to create a potential problem. You may have seen this before, driving on a highway when all of a sudden you see a large truck sway a bit from the wind.

If the trailer is unevenly loaded and weight distribution is off, it can aide in the wind pushing it over and a rollover accident can occur. Properly loaded trailers should only be susceptible to extremely high winds, but ones that are not loaded correctly could cause serious problems.

An uneven cargo load is considered negligence in the trucking industry and individuals have the right to seek compensation for any injuries they may sustain as a result of this kind of accident.