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Sep 5, 2018

Sep 5, 2018

Michigan State University and President John Engler Turn Back on Nassar
Victims as Filing Deadline Nears. “Don’t Let Them Get Away
with This”, says National Renowned Trial Attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

Southfield, Michigan. Nationally known Trial Attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced
today he is helping unrepresented victims of Larry Nassar. “A lot
of people don’t realize that most unrepresented Nassar victims only
have until September 10, 2018, to file their lawsuit”. Michigan
State is hoping this very short deadline comes and goes without anyone
realizing their rights have likely been completely extinguished. “Any
Nassar victim who has yet to file a claim must come forward so that I
can protect and preserve their rights”, said Fieger, who recently
filed two lawsuits on behalf of victims in the second round of filings
against MSU and Nassar.

“I don’t want a single Nassar victim to be denied justice because
of a back door deal negotiated between MSU President John Engler and his
cronies”. MSU’s $500 million settlement was conditioned upon
the Nassar victims withdrawing their support for changes in Michigan’s
laws to make it easier for sex assault victims to pursue justice in Michigan
courts. The MSU / Nassar tragedy allowed the Michigan legislature to hear
loud and clear the victims’ cries of injustice emanating from Michigan’s
inadequate laws for sex abuse victims. The legislature was very close
to extending the statute of limitations for sex assault victims to 30
years, with retroactivity allowing for claims arising out of past abuse.
Once Engler negotiated the $500 million settlement, however, he was able
to persuade his friends to drastically cut back on the reform package.
Most Nassar victims now have until September 10, 2018, to file their claims.

Fieger explained:

“I have fought MSU President John Engler on many issues over the
years. This $500 million “settlement” is classic. It wasn’t
a settlement to resolve the claims or provide justice for the Nassar victims,
it was a settlement to make sure thousands of other sex assault victims
never step foot in a courtroom. To the other Nassar survivors out there,
don’t let them get away with this. You still have time to do something,
but you must do it now”.

For further information contact Geoffrey Fieger at the Fieger Firm 19390
W 10 Mile Road, Southfield, Michigan 48075. (248) 558-2315.