employees in the officeImagine going into your place of work, a place where you should feel safe, and experiencing a situation in which all trust you have is violated. Unfortunately, countless people experience this exact scenario and are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

It is one of the most unforgivable acts, and any time someone uses their position in a company to violate others, they should be held fully accountable for their actions. Those who have been impacted should speak out against these actions.

For any workplace, sexual harassment can come in numerous forms, but these actions should never be tolerated as multiple individuals can be negatively affected. However, speaking up and reporting the incident can have a number of benefits, including inciting change.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can occur in multiple ways, and unfortunately, many victims don’t even know that they’re experiencing it or that they can take action to stop it. Here are the different types of sexual harassment that typically exists in the workplace.

What many people don’t know is that even something like a cat call can be considered sexual harassment. It is something that has the power to make the person receiving the cat call feel uncomfortable, constituting it as sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, many victims of sexual harassment encounter plenty of obstacles when trying to determine what can be done after they’ve been involved in an uncomfortable situation. They don’t always report the situation because they either feel threatened or they don’t know what rights they have to speak up.

However, individuals should know that there are several protections in place to help them and their rights when they need to report sexual harassment. Knowing what obstacles you may face after sexual harassment is very important.