worker tripping over a floor matIn any kind of workplace, the idea of suffering serious harm is not something that comes to mind often. However, it is something that can happen and there are certain occupations at a higher risk of suffering harm than others.

For all workers, you must recognize the potential dangers in the workplace and how to stay safe. Below, we detail a few of the workplaces where slip and falls are most common and the types of negligence that can cause them to occur.

Construction workers already face a significant number of dangers in the workplace. A slip and fall is definitely not the first thing to come to mind, but with so many elements to consider, it’s easy to see why they are common in this industry.

Construction workers are around tools, wires, materials, and even machinery which can be all over the site. Even the smallest obstacle in their way can result in a worker slipping and falling. If they don’t have the proper safety equipment at the time of the accident, the damage can be catastrophic.

Many plant workers are in difficult working conditions and water and other liquids can be common place. It is up to all employees to ensure they’re operating with safety as a top priority. However, failure to do so can mean a significant spill.

The spill, if it is left without treatment, can be the direct cause of a slip and fall injury.

Workplaces must be kept free of dangerous hazards, including spills or any obstacles that can result in a slip and fall. Failure to provide the necessary equipment or instill safety protocols could mean the employer is negligent. To prevent such accidents, there must be standards in place with regards to how situations are handled in the event of a spill and how employees are warned of the dangers.