As we begin to approach the summer months, there are potential dangers that may arise on roads all across Michigan. Of course, vehicle accidents can happen at any given time, but there are many situations that can cause a significant increase in the number of accidents that occurs in the summer, especially amongst younger drivers.

In the legal world, there is a time period referred to as the 100 deadliest days of summer. It begins on Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day weekend. It’s important to know what makes this timeframe so dangerous to get a better understanding of liability should an accident occur.

The summer months are a time when many younger adults and older teenagers are no longer in school, which means there are more of them on the roads. While some of these younger drivers practice defensive driving, others may be more prone to distractions.

More younger drivers on the rise also means more traffic. Inexperience can make it more difficult to navigate traffic, and serious crashes can arise.

More drivers on the road increase the possibility of distractions. Here are the types of distractions most common during this time:

Unfortunately, you may take every precaution to practice defensive driving, but you cannot always prevent negligence. When someone’s recklessness leads to you suffering a severe injury, you need to take legal action to protect your rights.

Trust in our Michigan car accident attorneys at Fieger Law to protect your best interests throughout the entire process. This is a potentially dangerous time on the road, and you deserve to have someone looking out for your rights.