Did you know that the three holidays—Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year—see an increased total number of accidents that arise on the road? Even more, there is a significant number of fatal traffic accidents around this time of the year.

Biggest Problems

Unfortunately, 94% of traffic accidents that occur are the result of human error. With more vehicles on the road and an increase in the chances of crashes occurring, it’s vital to stay safe. Here are some things you should know about holiday dangers and how you can stay safe.

While we know that drunk driving is one of the biggest issues around the holidays, it’s crucial to understand all dangers and their underlying factors. Here are some of the main issues that can lead to traffic around the holidays:

There are very few things you can do to prevent negligence completely. However, you can do things on your own accord to stay as safe as possible.

Staying Safe on the Road It helps to recognize all ways to stay safe on the road and not become part of the daunting statistics around this time of the year. Some of the things you can do include maintaining your vehicle, staying rested before you drive, and checking road conditions any time you plan to travel.

If you can, avoid driving late at night when many drunk or tired drivers are out. And while you may not be able to avoid an accident completely, be sure to put on your seatbelt to help prevent severe injuries.

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