While negligence is often the contributing factor in accidents, there are some situations where road dangers may play a factor. Of course, it’s on all drivers to be aware of these road dangers and drive with caution, but the hazards themselves can be significantly dangerous.

Weather Dangers

Despite these conditions, all drivers must understand their responsibilities, including driving safe for the conditions. Recognizing various road dangers is imperative, so you can stay safe even when other drivers are not.

As winter approaches, the change in weather is always a cause for concern. Rain and snow should result in people driving much safer, but this isn’t always the case. Many drivers still fail to account for slippery roads and reduced visibility, speeding whenever they get the chance. This action can easily lead to the driver losing control of their vehicle and causing a crash.

Throughout the year, oil builds up on concrete and starts to sit on roads and highways. When the rain finally hits, it starts to bring that oil to the surface, making the road slick and slippery. Hitting this oil patch can potentially prove disastrous if a driver is not paying close attention to the road.

Oil Slicks

Be aware of potholes on the road as these may not seem like much, but they can quickly damage tires, causing a blowout. A driver who hits a pothole at a high speed and encounters tire problems can quickly lose control of their vehicle.

Drivers must be aware of all dangers on the road and drive safe for conditions. If they don’t, they are considered negligent and put you and all others at risk of harm.

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