Man Looking At Product - Importance of Safety TrainingWhile we want to think that every product that hits the shelves is tested and safety is ensured, there are some manufacturers who push items through various methods and cut corners to get their product to market quickly. They either avoid testing completely or perform inadequate testing to simply pass the product through.

Why would they do this when so many rely on the product?

Unfortunately, for many companies, it’s about profit. Having a specific deadline and trying to beat that deadline is a focus on profits. It’s also a potential danger to consumers when they do this, and they can be held accountable if a defect occurs.

Here are two reasons:

Far too often, manufacturers put deadlines on when they want to release items to the public. If they prolong on that deadline, they’re spending money on additional time when they didn’t initially anticipate doing so.

Failure to meet deadlines means money out of the manufacturer’s pocket. Therefore, they often do whatever they can to get through the remaining hurdles and release the product, even if it means the product is not entirely safe.

You wouldn’t want to think that your well-being is less important to a company than profits, but this is unfortunately the reality in some situations. It’s important that you recognize the potential dangers when manufacturers rush products to market so you understand what rights you have should you sustain an injury due to a defective product.