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The medical malpractice team at Fieger Law are experienced at recognizing emergency room negligence. Our internationally-renowned firm is Michigan’s leading medical malpractice law firm, with hundreds of millions secured for the victims of medical negligence. We know how to get answers from hospitals and doctors, and we know how to give your case the evidence it needs to succeed.

We are here to fight for you and protect your rights, get you the compensation you deserve, and give you the time and resources you need to recover from your injuries.

Why Emergency Room Errors Happen

Emergency rooms are a chaotic environment of hard-working medical professionals, doing their jobs under extreme pressure and making quick decisions. Combine that with an understaffed, poorly-trained or poorly-equipped hospital and you have the recipe for a disaster.

Don’t let an emergency room error go unchallenged. The team at Fieger Law is here to fight for you and protect your rights. We’ve helped hundreds of emergency room error victims collect fair and just compensation, and we can help you.

Common emergency room errors include:

  • Medication/prescription errors
  • Use of unsterilized or contaminated equipment
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Lack of sufficient testing
  • The failure to diagnose a stroke or heart attack
  • Misreading of MRIs, CTs and X-rays
  • Improper discharge of seriously or critically-ill patients
  • Improper performance of medical procedures
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Contaminated blood transfusions

Emergency room errors can lead to unlimited types of injuries and damages including:

  • Stroke
  • Brain damage
  • Heart failure
  • Internal bleeding/hemorrhaging
  • Death
  • Infection
  • Deteriorated health
  • Loss of work and wages
  • Crippling medical bills

Regardless of the situation and stress, emergency room doctors and nurses must perform at the expected and standard levels of care. You deserve nothing less.

The Nation’s Leading Firm in Securing Million-Dollar Verdicts

For over 30 years, the lawyers at Fieger Law have fought and won compensation for victims of emergency room errors. If your family has suffered as the result of an emergency room error, Geoffrey Fieger and his team at Fieger Law can help. Contact Michigan’s top law firm specializing in emergency room error malpractice cases today.

Call 1-800-A-WINNER or tell us about your case using our online form. We will review your case for free and determine the best option for you.

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