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Many people have no sympathy for those convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison. But inmates do not give up all their human rights. The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution protects prisoners from cruel and unusual punishment.

At Fieger Law, we believe all people are entitled to their basic human rights, even those in prison. Our Michigan police misconduct attorneys simply don’t tolerate abuse or negligence that results in a jail or prison injury. That’s why we’ve helped numerous victims of jail and prison injury seek justice and get compensation for violations of their constitutionally-protected rights.


There are numerous reasons that prisoners get injured. This includes:

  • Transport vehicle accidents
  • Inmate assaults
  • Jail/prison guard violence
  • Denial of medical attention
  • Sexual abuse
  • Verbal/psychological abuse

Common Jail and prison injuries include:

  • Facial lacerations
  • Severe cuts and wounds
  • Skull fractures
  • Broken noses
  • Fractured arms/legs
  • Traumatic head injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

The Exception to Sovereign Immunity

Jail and prison injury claims are extremely complicated cases. While prison officials are legally required to protect prisoners from assault and excessive force, governments possess sovereign immunity from civil claims brought forth by individual citizens. However, the law allows a waiver of that protection when it comes to jail and prison injuries caused by negligence.

That’s where our renowned Southfield, Michigan civil rights lawyers come in.

Your Case Is Running Out of Time—Call 1-800-A-WINNER Now

If you or a family member have suffered an injury in jail or prison, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Within six months, the Justice Department will either submit your claim for damages and you’ll get paid. Or, if they deny your claim, you have six months to file a lawsuit.

Don’t settle for anything less than absolute justice. Prisoners have rights and when they are violated, it’s wrong—plain and simple. Let Geoffrey Fieger and his team fight for you. We’re not afraid to challenge law enforcement or big government. We’ll fight hard, and we won’t settle for less than you deserve.


No law firm in the United States is as effective as we are at getting justice and compensation for our clients. Fieger Law has more million-dollar verdicts and settlements than any other law firm, and we have vast experience taking on prisons, jails, and law enforcement agencies to protect our clients. More importantly than all that, ask yourself: who will stand by your side when no one else will listen? Who do you want by your side? Fieger Law is the fierce, powerful, and dedicated ally you want on your case.

For over 30 years, the nationally recognized jail and prison injury lawyers at Fieger Law have fought and won judgements for our clients. If you or your family member have suffered from a jail or prison injury, Geoffrey Fieger and the expert attorneys at Fieger Law can help. Contact Michigan’s top law firm today.

Call 1-800-294-6637 or tell us about your case using our online form. We will review your case for free and determine your best options.

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