long line of cars sitting in trafficDid you know car accidents occur every minute in the United States? Around the holidays, though, these numbers can increase drastically. It’s important to understand the potential problems that exist around the holidays and how they can impact so many drivers.

The three big holidays from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day prove to be busier on the road. You must recognize the dangers and understand ways to stay safe whenever you’re on the road. Here are some of the main dangers about which you should know:

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Learn more about the potential dangers below.

Around the holidays, countless drivers take to the road. Whether they’re going out shopping, going to a party, or getting together with family, there are often drivers who are in a hurry. They speed up to get to their destination quickly, sometimes going well above the speed limit.

Speeding is one of the top causes of car accidents. It’s something that causes drivers to lose control, potentially resulting in the negligent driver crashing into others on the road. Even worse, the high speed at which drivers travel can cause catastrophic injuries when a collision occurs.

For drivers to stay safe, it’s imperative to recognize signs of speeding and other reckless driving. Drive defensively, and be sure to watch drivers around you. If you see someone coming from behind you quickly, make sure you stay away from the vehicle as the driver can lose control at any given moment.