employee touching the back of a woman

In the workplace, there are different types of sexual harassment that someone may experience. These are all unfortunate, but do they have the same impact on the victim? The two main forms of sexual harassment are both bad, but they have significantly different long-term effects on the person who is harmed.

Verbal and physical sexual harassment often cause the individual to feel significantly uncomfortable in the workplace. They can both be mentally and emotionally damaging to the victim and leave them feeling as though they are unsafe in their own work environment.

However, there are some very key differences between the two and how they are handled after the fact.

Verbal sexual harassment can be mentally scarring for an individual, but the physical sexual harassment may be enough to cause significant pain and suffering. This is because physical harassment can involve inappropriate touching, forced kissing, and more.

Both forms of sexual harassment have the power to cause the victim to experience health problems. This can include the following:

No matter the type of situation you encounter, when you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you have the right to take legal action against those responsible. This can help you seek compensation and create change, preventing others from experiencing the same harm.