After an auto accidentPreviously, we explained why it is critical for you to visit a doctor after being in a car accident. In this blog, we explain the importance of listening to and retaining the information your doctor reveals about your injury. Your health should always be a priority, which is why you should take your doctor’s advice seriously after an accident. Following your doctor’s medical advice not only helps your recovery process, but also strengthens your legal claim.

Many accident injuries can create extensive limitations in your everyday life. Depending on the nature of your treatment and recovery, your doctor might advise you to limit your work or avoid working for extended periods of time. Although this might prevent you from participating in the activities you normally enjoy, you should adhere to your doctor’s recovery plan. Returning to work or engaging in strenuous activity prematurely can compromise your recovery and cause further complications or injuries.

Your doctor is legally obligated to provide a medical opinion that they believe will best help your recovery. Although listening to your doctor is ultimately up to you, it is advised that you seriously consider their medical opinion and the treatment strategies they suggest. Skipping appointments or not adhering to a rehabilitation plan can be counterproductive to your recovery. Ignoring or dismissing your doctor’s advice might lead to further problems, limitations, and even disabilities in your future. Following your physician’s medical plan is an essential part of your health and recovery.

Insurers are on the lookout for claimants who might neglect or dismiss their doctor’s medical opinion. These companies are quick to point out any signs that might suggest you are not really injured. Declining treatment or failing to follow your doctor’s recommendations can be used to dispute or deny your injury claim.

Do you have more questions about visiting your doctor after a car accident? We can help. If you have been involved in a car accident, you need someone who can fight for the compensation you deserve. At Fieger Law, we have a winning track record and will not back down from insurance companies trying to deny your claim.