doctor checking man for brain injuryYou hear about thousands of collisions happening each year. What you don’t always hear about, however, are the many injuries that people sustain as a result. In some of these collisions, the injuries that you may sustain are considered catastrophic under personal injury law, meaning they’re some of the most severe and can have a lifelong impact on your health and well-being.

Traumatic brain injuries, also referred to as TBI, can have a physical and mental impact on your life. Even a mild TBI can lead to loss of consciousness and memory loss. More severe brain injuries can lead to seizures, loss of coordination, agitation, behavioral issues, and more. In many cases, it can lead to developmental and sensory issues, leading to slurred speech, blurred vision, and a ringing in your ears.

Spine injuries can lead to some of the most severe and life-changing effects that you can experience. Some of the less severe injuries can include herniated or bulging discs, which are more likely for someone who has already experienced a degenerative bone condition that weakens his or her spine.

Injuries to the nerves within your spinal cord can lead to paralysis, which can occur in multiple forms. Complete paralysis means full loss of function in the affected limbs. Incomplete paralysis means partial loss of function. However, the most common types of paralysis people know about are paraplegia and quadriplegia. Paraplegia impacts the lower limbs while quadriplegia typically occurs around your shoulder or neck, so you may be unable to use all four limbs.

Broken bones are common in car accidents, ranging from shoulder injuries to broken ribs. Depending on the severity, broken bones can lead to long-term pain, require medical procedures, and more. Broken ribs can also lead to internal organ damage, which can cause internal bleeding and be potentially fatal.

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