partygoers on New Year's EveNew Year’s Eve is a time for celebration. Many people like to ring in the New Year surrounded by friends and family. However, the hours leading up to midnight can prove to be dangerous. It’s imperative for all drivers on the road to recognize the hazards that exist on such a busy night.

The holiday means more vehicles will be on the road. People are traveling to various clubs, bars, or homes where they can celebrate the evening with people they love. Unfortunately, more people on the road creates more hazards.

There’s significant more traffic around holidays that put all drivers and pedestrians in harm’s way. Knowing how to navigate the streets when they are full can keep you safe and prevent significant injuries from occurring.

Not everyone will be driving to their destinations on New Year’s Eve. Throughout Michigan, people will be walking if the weather permits. Walking is one way to prevent drinking and driving, so many think it is a safer option.

However, just because you’ve made the conscious decision to walk doesn’t mean there won’t be drunk drivers on the road. More pedestrians require drivers to be more vigilant when driving. If drivers are not paying attention, pedestrians can suffer catastrophic and devastating injuries in a collision.

New Year’s Eve means plenty of partying, which means many people are drinking. Not everyone makes the safe decision to stay where they are or take an Uber or Lyft home. Instead, they think they’re coherent enough to drive and get behind the wheel of their car.

Drunk drivers suffer significant impairments. Drinking alters their decision-making abilities, making it more challenging to control their vehicles. Drinking impairs their vision and creates significant problems for the driver.