Every Michigan property owner is responsible for the safety of visitors entering their property. Under the state’s premises liability law, both business owners and homeowners must take action, such as posting signs warning of uneven steps, removing trip hazards, and securing dangerous pets when visitors are on the premises.

This duty extends to both visitors invited to the property, such as friends and family, and people there for business purposes, such as delivery drivers.

If you sustained injuries on someone’s property while delivering a package or dropping off food as a driver on an app like Uber Eats or DoorDash, you may be able to file a premises liability claim against the property owner to seek compensation. Our Michigan premises liability attorneys at Fieger Law can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Types of Legal Visitors Protected Under Premises Liability

Under premises liability law, there are different classifications of property visitors. These categories determine the property owner’s level of responsibility towards the visitor, which is crucial if the visitor is injured on the premises.

  • Licensees: A licensee is a person with the explicit or implicit permission of a property owner to enter for a purpose other than business or commercial, such as visiting friends and family. Michigan property owners are liable for physical harm to a licensee if they fail to address a known or foreseeable dangerous condition and the visitor is injured.
  • Invitees: An invitee is an individual invited to enter or remain on premises for the owner’s benefit or business-related purposes. Invitees can include inspectors, salespeople, and delivery people. Owners must take reasonable precautions to repair or warn of dangerous conditions they know about or should have known about.
  • Trespasser: Trespassers are people entering another person’s property without permission. An owner would owe a duty of care to a trespasser only if they caused intentional harm or neglected to prevent injury to a known trespasser.

Your attorney at Fieger Law can review the evidence in your case to determine your legal rights under premises liability law. We will explore the circumstances of your visit and whether the property owner upheld their duty of care to you as an invitee.

How Can Delivery Workers Sustain Injuries While on Someone’s Property?

Delivery worker injuries can occur due to many incidents, including most commonly slips, trips, and falls, and dog attacks. Fieger Law can help you hold the property owner responsible and seek a settlement.

  • Slip and fall accidents: Slip and fall accidents can occur due to poorly maintained walkways, icy surfaces, or obstacles in the pathway. Property owners can take preventive measures to reduce the risk of such injuries. Regular inspection and maintenance of walkways can keep them free of hazards such as loose tiles or slippery substances.

Promptly clearing snow and ice in winter and providing proper lighting can improve visibility and prevent slips. Additionally, removing obstacles from the pathway and ensuring proper drainage to prevent water accumulation can minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents.

  • Trip and fall accidents: Trip and fall accidents can happen due to hazards on residential properties, such as uneven surfaces, cracks in sidewalks, or irregular steps, which can cause a delivery driver to stumble or lose their balance. Objects left in walkways, such as clutter, debris, or unsecured rugs, can also create tripping hazards.

Property owners can exercise their duty of care to invitees through regular inspection of walkways, driveways, and entry paths to address potential tripping hazards. They can move or repair loose paving stones, trim protruding tree roots, and clear away clutter from walkways, such as garden hoses or toys, to reduce the risk of an injury.

  • Dog attacks: Delivery workers are at risk of dog attacks, especially when encountering aggressive or unrestrained pets. Homeowners’ insurance paid an average of $64,555 per dog bite claim in 2022.

To prevent injury, property owners must secure their pets when expecting deliveries or display visible signs warning of the presence of dogs. Those who own or manage residential properties such as apartment complexes should consider educating residents on the importance of controlling their pets and keeping them restrained during delivery hours to create a safer environment for workers.

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At Fieger Law, our attorneys understand Michigan’s premises liability laws and the duty of care owed to you as a delivery worker. We will investigate your accident and gather evidence demonstrating that the owner failed in their duty of care, so we can help win you maximum compensation.Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your case.