At Fieger Law, we fiercely defend the rights of injury victims to secure the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured due to a property owner’s failure to maintain a safe environment, our skilled premises liability attorneys are committed to fighting for a settlement that covers your injuries.

Understanding Premises Liability: An Overview

Under premises liability law, property owners are responsible for ensuring visitors’ safety. They are legally obligated to address potential hazards and create a safe environment for people visiting the property through regular inspections, maintenance, and warnings. This responsibility varies according to their purpose on the premises:

  • Invitee: This includes individuals who enter the property for mutual benefit, such as customers in a store or delivery workers. Property owners must actively inspect the premises for hazards and take action to prevent accidents.
  • Licensee: This refers to individuals who enter a property with the owner’s consent, such as social guests. Property owners are responsible for alerting them to any known hazards that aren’t readily apparent.
  • Trespasser: Trespassers enter without any right or permission. The owner’s duty is minimal, mainly to avoid intentional harm and sometimes to warn of hidden dangers. One exception is “attractive nuisances” like swimming pools, where a property owner can be liable if a child trespasses and is injured.

If a property owner’s negligence has injured you, you can pursue compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. At Fieger Law, our attorneys will evaluate your case to assess the owner’s liability and outline the most effective legal strategy to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Common Premises Liability Accidents

Premises liability accidents encompass various incidents that injure visitors on a property. Our attorneys can advocate for you in cases occurring in locations such as shopping centers, restaurants, retail stores, and private residences, covering incidents like:

Common Premises Liability Injuries

Injuries from premises liability cases can be severe, potentially resulting in lasting disabilities. At Fieger Law, we frequently handle claims for the following types of common injuries:

  • Cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Severed fingers/toes/limbs
  • Neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Electric shocks
  • Burns
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Wrongful death

Property Owner Negligence That Leads to Premises Liability Accidents

Property owners may be found negligent for many reasons, including poor maintenance, a lack of security, or failure to address known hazards. Common types of negligence include:

  • Faulty Equipment: Broken or malfunctioning equipment, such as gym machines or escalators
  • Poor Maintenance: Failure to upkeep the property, leading to hazards like cracked floors or deteriorating structures
  • Inadequate Security: Insufficient measures to prevent unauthorized access or criminal activity that results in harm
  • Falling Objects: Items dropping from above, which can happen in stores, construction sites, or other areas with overhead hazards
  • Broken or Missing Handrails: Lack of or faulty handrails, especially on stairs or ramps
  • Broken Staircase: Damaged or improperly maintained staircases, including loose steps or rails
  • Unleashed Dogs: Attacks or bites by dogs inadequately restrained on the property
  • Poorly Stacked Products on Shelving: Products falling due to improper storage or overstocking on shelves
  • Faulty Electrical Wiring: Outdated or improperly installed electrical systems
  • Defective or Dangerous Sidewalks: Uneven, cracked, or poorly maintained sidewalks or dangerous walkways covered in snow or ice.
  • Building Code Violations: Property that does not comply with local safety standards and regulations, resulting in collapse or hazardous conditions
  • Unplowed or Unsalted Sidewalks and Parking Lots: Slip-and-fall accidents due to ice and snow that are not properly removed

Compensation in Premises Liability Cases

Fieger Law specializes in achieving maximum compensation for those affected by premises liability accidents, ensuring coverage for both injuries and losses. When you pursue a premises liability claim with us, we’ll expertly help you through the process of seeking the following types of damages:

Damages Description Examples
Economic Damages Compensates for direct financial losses due to the incident ●      Medical expenses

●      Lost wages

●      Property damage

●      Rehabilitation costs

●      Loss of future earning capacity

Non-Economic Damages Addresses intangible losses experienced by the victim ●      Pain and suffering

●      Loss of enjoyment of life

●      Emotional distress

●      Loss of consortium

●      Disfigurement


Steps to Take After an Accident on Someone Else’s Property

If you have an accident on someone else’s property, taking the proper steps is critical to protecting your safety and rights. Here’s what you can do to strengthen your case for a premises liability claim, which could help you get compensation for your injuries:

  • Seek Immediate Medical Care: Even if injuries seem minor, visit a doctor or emergency room for a professional assessment. This visit creates essential medical records that detail your injuries and provide critical evidence for your case. 
  • Report the Incident to Property Management: Inform the property owner, manager, or responsible party about the accident immediately. Request a written accident report and obtain a copy for your records to ensure the incident is officially documented.
  • Gather Evidence: Take photos or videos of the accident scene, including hazards like spills, uneven flooring, or ice. Capture photographs of your injuries, environmental conditions, or relevant signs present at the time of your injury. Also, collect contact information from potential witnesses so we can contact them for a statement.
  • Keep Communication to a Minimum: While you should report the accident, avoid discussing it with the property owner or insurance representatives. Do not admit fault, exaggerate, or downplay your injuries; these statements can impact your claim.
  • Consult With a Premises Liability Attorney: Contact our attorneys at Fieger Law as soon as possible. We can provide personalized advice, help you understand your rights, and guide you through the legal steps to achieve fair compensation.
  • Preserve Evidence and Documentation: Save all medical records, receipts related to expenses incurred because of the accident, and correspondence with property owners or insurance companies. Keep footwear or clothing you wore during the accident. This evidence can help support your claim.

Get Experienced Legal Counsel After a Premises Liability Accident

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