Oversized Big Rigs: Understanding the DangersHave you ever been on the road and seen a truck that has the warning of an oversized load? These are often transporting very large items that normal trucks can’t move. While they’re common, they also have to be very careful in how they’re operating the truck.

If there are dangers present, it can result in a large crash and the individuals in the smaller vehicles may suffer significant injuries as a result. Here are some of the potential dangers that may exist when these trucks are on the road.

In many cases, these big rigs are associated with even more significant dangers than in typical crashes. These big rigs are much heavier than any other vehicle on the road and the moment a collision occurs, the results may be catastrophic.

When they carry items that protrude wider than normal, it can lead to a serious situation in which others on the road must maneuver around it and be wary of these types of rigs. If the truck driver is not completely safe and in their lane, they may put others in serious danger.

Have you seen big rigs carry long items on their trailer that surpass the length of the trailer and there’s no warning indicator on them? If items protrude the end of the trailer and pose a risk to the safety of other drivers, they must have a red flag or similar indicator.

These trucks can be dangerous when they stop unexpectedly without a warning indicator, putting the vehicle behind it at risk of a crash that pushes the item through the windshield. This is a serious issue and may result in catastrophic injuries.

At Fieger Law, our Michigan truck accident attorneys understand how serious big rig crashes can be and what kind of damages they can cause. Victims may need lifelong care and medical attention to help them recover in a successful manner.