If you suspect that your employer is subjecting you or other employees to unfair and unlawful employment practices, consult a skilled employment law attorney with experience handling unpaid wage cases. At Fieger Law, our attorneys are dedicated to representing the residents of Michigan against any unfair and unlawful practices conducted by their employer. Our legal team is comprised of former Department of Justice prosecutors, award-winning trial attorneys, and reputable legal scholars with countless hours of litigation experience at their backs.

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Wage and Hour Laws

Both Federal and Michigan law regulates how employers must pay their employees. Under Federal law, much of the rules regarding proper payment of wages fall under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Moreover, Michigan’s Act 390 of 1978 also establishes standards by which employers must pay employees.

At Fieger Law, we can handle wage and labor litigation cases, including:

  • Unpaid overtime earnings
  • Unpaid fringe benefits
  • Meal and rest violations
  • Improper deductions from wages
  • Misclassification exempt and nonexempt employees

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If you believe your employer hasn’t paid you or your fellow employees proper wages, it’s in your best interests to consult an experienced Michigan employment law attorney about representing you. The relevant laws in wage and labor cases can be challenging to navigate on your own. Our team of dedicated Michigan unpaid wages lawyers at Fieger Law has the experience and sophisticated knowledge of both Federal and Michigan law to determine whether your employer has or has not complied with their duties under labor and wage laws. You can count on us to provide you with effective and comprehensive legal representation that ensures your right to recover restitution from your employer for their unlawful acts is preserved.

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