At Fieger Law, we’re sensitive to your unique situation and are here to listen, advise, and take action. Our goal is fairness for everyone involved without compromising your rights or well-being.

Fieger Law helps with family law disputes involving:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Division of assets
  • Paternity actions
  • Child support
  • Prenuptial agreements


No one expects their marriage to end in divorce, but when it happens, it is often deeply complicated. Everyone involved in divorce has rights—spouses, parents, and, of course, the children. We strive to get our clients the best result possible, as well as the best outcome for your family.


Custody issues are often the greatest source of stress and grief in divorce cases. Who should the children live with? How will parenting time be divided? There are many choices to consider, including sole custody, joint custody, and split custody. Together, we will craft an option that is fair to each parent and the children.

Division of Assets

Perhaps the most contentious aspect of divorce is dividing up assets. It’s not as simple as deciding who gets what. There’s also debt to consider. In Michigan, if the two sides cannot reach an agreement, the court decides what’s fair, reasonable, and equitable.

We’ll work hard to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of simply because of your gender or earnings history.

Paternity Actions

When children are born outside of marriage, it can create a challenging situation in establishing paternity. In some cases, the father denies any responsibility at all. In others, the father desires to establish paternity and a relationship with the child. We can help legally establish paternity and obtain the support and time needed for both children and parents.

Child Support

In Michigan, child support law is based on the Michigan Child Support Formula. This formula considers the following: 

  • Each parent’s income
  • The number of children involved 
  • Allotted overnight parenting time of each parent
  • Custody of other children
  • Healthcare and child care costs
  • Other support obligations

Typically, child support is non-negotiable. However, the court does have some discretion to enable the parties to stray from the formula. We can work with you to establish a valid purpose for this deviation and provide an assurance that your children will still receive adequate support.

Prenuptial Agreements

Getting married is a big decision. While no one enters into marriage with the belief that it will end, it is a possibility that needs to be faced. A prenuptial agreement can help establish how issues such as property and business interests will get divided in the event a marriage ends in divorce. Our goal is to protect you and your interests long-term.


In every family law case, Geoffrey Fieger and his team work hard to make sure that everyone’s best interests are considered throughout the entire process. We know what it takes to help husbands and wives navigate through family law issues to reach fair and equitable agreements and enable the healing process to begin. We understand and are here to help you.

As trial attorneys and legal scholars, our knowledge allows us to create the best solutions for you and your loved ones. If a court dispute is inevitable—and we always aim to cooperate with “the other side” in these cases first—then our renowned trial skill can help secure the best outcome for your future.