Appeals are different from standard legal cases because you are not just arguing guilt or innocence. Rather, you are asking an appellate court to evaluate, then reverse or uphold the decision that a lower court judge or jury made.

A lower court judge may rule that a case does not have the merits to continue to trial. An appeal to a higher court may overrule the lower court’s decision.

Appeals are often a client’s last option, so it is always a vital procedure—when you’re facing the most crucial stakes of your life, an appeal could determine your future.

Why Fieger Law Is the Firm You Need

Fieger Law is one of the only firms in Michigan with its own appellate department to handle appeals. Our Michigan appellate lawyers have the necessary skills and experience to fight and win your appeal. Keep in mind that an appeal requires a high level of brief-writing skill and legal knowledge, so not every lawyer can handle these cases adequately.

Typically, appeals tend to be very research-intensive, requiring attorneys to find “grounds for appeal.” This means finding existing legal cases or past precedent to provide a legitimate reason why the lower court’s decision should get reversed. 

If you have a civil or criminal case that a lower court has denied, then an appeal may be necessary. We are appeals experts working for you. We fight hard and are not afraid to win.


Since Bernard Fieger founded our firm in 1950, the experts at Fieger Law have fought for justice. If you or a family member believe a recent court decision was unjust or wrong, Geoffrey Fieger and the expert appeals attorneys at Fieger Law can help. Contact Michigan’s top law firm today.