As a motorcyclist, you love the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident can strip that freedom away.

On top of the emotional toll of dealing with devastating injuries caused by a motorcycle crash, the financial burden of ongoing care and rehabilitation can be crushing.

Vehicle accident injuries can be catastrophic, but if injured in a motorcycle accident, Fieger Law can help you get your freedom back.

Insurance Companies Will Try to Deny Your Claim

It is likely the motorist was at fault if they made a left-hand turn and crossed your path, as vehicles turning left must yield to all oncoming traffic. But not all cases are this clear cut, and unfortunately, in the courtroom, insurance companies and their attorneys will do their best to pin the blame on the motorcyclist for:

  • Not taking proper steps to avoid the crash.
  • Not slowing down.
  • Being in the wrong part of a lane.
  • Not wearing brightly-colored clothing.
  • Making modifications to their motorcycles, such as loud pipes to claim they obstructed the cyclists’ ability to hear oncoming traffic.

As experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, we have heard these arguments and seen these tactics before. We put our experience with motorcycle accident cases to work for you. Insurers and their legal teams will spare no expense in trying to avoid payment. They will play upon the jury’s prejudice against motorcyclists. However, we will fight for you.

Insurance lawyers never want to see us on the other side of the courtroom. They know that we are some of the most effective lawyers in the nation, with over 165 million-dollar verdicts in our case history—including Geoffrey Fieger’s very first court case. Hire the firm your opponents fear most. Get Fieger Law.

It’s Important You Act Quickly

Statutes of limitations vary, and you must properly document your injuries and preserve evidence to make your case.