Whether a semi or commercial vehicle, truck accidents can cause serious injuries that leave victims facing hospitalization, surgery, long-term care and rehabilitation. Entire families feel the physical and financial toll of injuries, property damage and medical expenses. If you or someone you love was in a Michigan truck accident or anywhere in the U.S., Fieger Law can help.

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It’s Important to Act Quickly After an Accident

In any vehicle accident, especially an accident involving a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, evidence must be preserved and proper steps must be taken to ensure you get the benefits you deserve from your insurance company. In Michigan, where Fieger Law is based, No-Fault law means you are entitled to benefits no matter who is at fault.

We are experts at navigating Michigan’s complex laws, but we try cases in nearly every state. We are nationally-known and respected and have decades of experience fighting for the rights of accident victims. We have the resources to go up against big business and insurance companies, and we will fight for you.

Factors that Contribute to Truck Accidents Include

  • Inadequate training
  • Driver fatigue
  • Improperly secured loads
  • Oversized loads
  • Poorly maintained equipment


Truck accident cases are often complex, with many factors that must be considered. With numerous state and federal laws that can often intertwine or conflict, knowing who to file your truck accident claim against can be confusing. Our firm can utilize all necessary resources to determine whether negligent hiring or maintenance operations were the cause of your accident.

These are some of the factors we would take into consideration during the investigation:

  • Were the tires defective or uneven?
  • Was maintenance regularly completed on the truck?
  • Were the maintenance logs completed and in accordance with state and federal regulations?

We can also look into the employer history of the driver who is allegedly at fault to determine whether the employee received proper training and had adequate experience.


Geoffrey Fieger and his award-winning team of Detroit truck accident attorneys have won multi-million-dollar verdicts for truck crash victims. Our list of victories for victims of car accidents and their families is long, but highlights include two $30 million verdicts, two $15 million verdicts, one $14 million verdict and many, many more.

Our lawyers have earned national recognition for their success in the courtroom and trial expertise representing victims of trucking accidents. We will find out what caused your accident and help you get the justice you deserve.