Every state has its own workers’ compensation insurance program—Michigan Workers Compensation, Illinois Workers Compensation, etc. In some states, it is mandatory  while in others, it is not.  And, in some states,  coverage requirements depend on the number of employees a business has. The primary purpose of  workers’ compensation insurance remains the same regardless of where you’re located: it covers accidents that occur on the job.

Unfortunately, in some circumstances, your employer might dispute your workers’ compensation claims, or you might be entitled to more than what they are willing to provide. When this happens, you need the legal team at Fieger Law in Michigan.

We’ve successfully fought and won workers’ compensation benefits for hard-working individuals who’ve been denied their rights in the past—we’ll get results for you too.

Basic Benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Medical care
  • Temporary benefits to cover lost income
  • Permanent benefits for permanent injuries
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits to cover retraining for a new career
  • Death benefits to family or other dependents

Common Injuries Eligible for Workers Compensation Insurance

Located in Southfield, Michigan, Geoffrey Fieger and his team have successfully handled hundreds of workers’ compensation cases. We’re well known for our multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. In fact, our firm has obtained over 165 million-dollar or more in verdicts and settlements. That’s more than any firm in the nation. We fight hard to get you the benefits you deserve, and we won’t stop fighting until we win.

Fieger Law: Nationally-Recognized Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

For over 70 years, the workers’ compensation experts at Fieger Law have fought for victims’ rights. If you or a family member have been denied workers compensation benefits, Geoffrey Fieger and the expert attorneys at Fieger Law can help. Let us fight to get you the care, support, and security you need.