Meet America’s Most Famous Trial Lawyer

It’s not about the headlines. It’s not about acclaim. Our firm has often found itself in the public eye for some of the most notable cases in the U.S. The Flint Water Crisis lawsuits, the defense of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, and many others—but we have also fought in thousands of cases that no one has ever heard about. We fight just as hard for those cases because every verdict represents a person’s future, their life. Every client who comes to us needs an ally. Fieger Law takes that role seriously.


Auto Negligence
Jane Doe v. AAA Driver (2016)


Auto Negligence
Freed v. Salas, Circuit Court of Wayne County, Michigan, Case No. 05-506666-NI (2007)


Auto Negligence
John Doe v. Company


Auto Negligence
Jane Doe v. ABC Corporation (2017)


Auto Negligence
LaMay v SMART, Oakland County Circuit Court, Michigan Case No. 14-144455-NI (2016)


Auto Negligence
Estate of Karen Sykes v. City of Detroit, Circuit Court of Wayne (2004)


Auto Negligence
Ray Densmore and Mary Mezo as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Robert Densmore v. Scott Allen Dalrymple; Case No. 2017-S23026-NI (2019)


Auto Negligence
Jane Doe v. ABC Corp (2021)


Auto Negligence
Baby Doe v. ABC Corporation (2018


Auto Negligence
Watts v Essian, Circuit Court of Macomb County, Michigan, Case No. 2000-66 NI (2002)