Does PTSD Prevent Someone from Driving After a Crash?

Woman Struggling With PTSD We’ve discussed what happens after an accident and how individuals may sustain significant physical injuries and how they can also develop post-traumatic stress disorder. But what happens when someone has PTSD and they must go on with their daily lives.

Because the discussion of loss of enjoyment of life is often discussed in terms of non-economic damages resulting from a car accident, one thing that may be considered is whether or not the survivor can drive a car again after the crash.

This isn’t a physical issue; rather, it’s part of the trauma sustained that prevents an individual from driving without feeling fear, anxiety, and stress. For many survivors, the mere idea of getting behind the wheel or even riding as a passenger after a car crash can be very frightening.

It’s easy to see why: PTSD brings with it flashbacks and triggers that are not easily avoided and can define how someone moves forward after an accident. Treatment can be beneficial to this and help individuals after an accident.

What can individuals do to help overcome this?

There are some treatment options available to those dealing with post-traumatic stress following a car accident. Typically, this involves either discussing the triggers and learning how to overcome them should they occur, or the survivor facing the challenges head on to relive the moment and face their fears.

In either case, these individuals have to deal with the unfortunate issues that are associated with PTSD and whoever is responsible for the car accident should be held accountable. This is where a Michigan car accident attorney can come in to help you.

These situations are serious and our team at Fieger Law recognize the need for strong legal counsel to move forward. Dealing with PTSD could mean extensive costs for therapy, lost income, and more. Having a professional legal representative on your side means taking the steps to seek compensation you need and deserve.

If you’ve been hurt, know that we’re here to help you!

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