What Not To Do When Hydroplaning

Losing control of your vehicle for any reason is a scary experience, but especially for reasons beyond your control, like the weather. Unfortunately, it’s something that most drivers will encounter at least once in their driving careers. One of the most common ways drivers lose […]

Top 9 Causes Of Scaffolding Falls In Construction

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. And one of the most dangerous tasks for construction workers is working on scaffolding. Michigan State University found that, between 2001 and 2018, 26 Michigan workers died while either erecting or working on […]

How Much Compensation Do You Deserve After a Semi-Truck Collision?

Accidents involving semi-trucks can be far more serious than the average motor vehicle accident. Due to their sheer size and weight, large trucks can do considerably more damage. The individuals involved in these accidents frequently suffer life-changing injuries and even death. Seeking compensation after being […]

Important Motorcycle Safety Laws You Should Know

Every state has its own set of laws regarding the use of motorcycles on our roads. Michigan is more lenient on motorcyclist requirements than other states, particularly when it comes to helmet use. However, there are still plenty of laws that motorcyclists in Michigan should […]

What Do Birth Injury Lawyers Do for Families?

The birth of a child should be an exciting time, but when birth injuries occur, it’s financially and emotionally stressful for the entire family. Some birth injuries may result from a medical error when doctors and nurses fail to recognize the baby’s distress signs during […]

How To Keep Yourself And Road Construction Workers Safe In Work Zones

Due to the combination of dangerous machinery and traffic, roadside construction sites pose many risks to both workers and motorists. The Office of Highway Safety Planning reported that in Michigan, in 2019, 5,808 work zone crashes occurred, leading to 17 fatalities. To prevent this type […]

Who Should You Sue After a Slip and Fall?

Many people in the United States are injured in slip and fall accidents every year. A head injury or broken bone happens in one in every five falls. In 2019, approximately 244,000 workers were injured by falls and needed time off from work, and 880 […]

When Police Or EMTs Cause Accidents Without Sirens On

Approximately 2,500 emergency responders are involved in crashes each year in Michigan, according to a study looking at crashes in our state from 2004 to 2008. Surprisingly, less than one-third of those crashes involved a vehicle that was responding to an emergency when the crash […]

What Types of Birth Injuries Do Lawyers Handle?

Babies are vulnerable to serious injury during pregnancy, labor, and immediately after birth. Injuries may occur even during routine procedures, such as an Apgar test, if your baby is mishandled. Birth injuries may be minor, like bruises and cuts, or serious, such as broken bones […]