driver holding coffee cupAs we discussed in our previous blog, a manual distraction is anything that causes a driver to remove his or her hand (or hands) from the steering wheel. While most people think they can drive safely with just one hand, there are some issues that may arise when they do.

Reaching to grab a cellphone is probably the top manual distraction because many people think they can safely text and drive. However, reaching for a cellphone may also lead to additional problems, including visual and cognitive distractions. It’s best to use a hands-free device or, even better, pull over if you believe the text or call can’t wait.

Many drivers eat or drink while operating a vehicle, thinking they can do so safely because they still have their eyes on the road. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and putting just one hand on a food or drink item impacts your reaction abilities; even if only slightly.

How many times have you seen a driver reach around their vehicle for something that has fallen or is rolling around the floor in the back seat? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and is considered a manual distraction. However, this can also pose a cognitive distraction as the driver is focused on finding the item rather than driving safely.

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