driver with a visual distractionWhen you are driving, it’s important to recognize where negligence may arise. One of the biggest forms of negligence is distracted driving. As we discussed in our previous blog, there are three main types of distractions. In this blog, we’ll give examples of visual distractions you may want to watch out for.

Whenever someone is using a GPS system for directions, it’s easy for visual distractions to arise. Drivers may need to look for upcoming streets and turns; It may only take a second to glance at the GPS, but this is enough time to reduce reaction time and lead to a crash.

Cellphones are the top distraction for many drivers. Despite many people recognizing the dangers, there are still countless people who take the time to look down and check a text message or send one of their own. It takes roughly five seconds to check a text message, giving the driver very little time to stop and prevent an accident.

Whether a driver has passengers or items in the back seat, it’s crucial to keep looking forward. Passengers can be a big distraction, and while even talking to them can create a bit of a distraction, if the driver turns his or her head, it can be disastrous.

When a driver looks toward the radio to change the station, they think it’s not a big deal because their head is still facing forward. However, scanning can take much longer than one may think, and it’s often enough time for a collision to occur.

Visual distractions are unfortunately always there. Even when there’s a crash or situation on the road, many drivers turn to look at what’s going on. This in itself is a visual distraction and can cause many more accidents to occur.

At Fieger Law, we recognize how complex the aftermath of a car accident can be, especially one caused by a distraction. Our Michigan car accident lawyers are ready to stand by your side and help you understand what rights you may have.