Burn Injury on ArmAny time someone sustains a serious burn injury due to negligence, they are bound to have numerous questions regarding what comes next. While legal matters are important in helping you cover the many expenses associated with the burn, it’s also important to get treatment.

Treatment for a burn injury varies based on how severe the burn is and what damage has been done, but it is possible. The best option is to take action quickly to be seen by a medical professional, especially for first-degree burns.

For these types of burns, the treatment can be swift and the problem should go away within a week or two with the right care. However, for damages stemming from second- and third-degree burns, the treatment options may be more extensive.

Second- and third-degree burns often leave victims dealing with serious damage to their skin, the fat beneath the skin, tissues, nerves, and even bones. In some situations, internal organs can be damaged due to the injuries. These require even further medical treatment.

A victim of a serious burn may need to have surgery to repair some of the internal damage that they’ve experienced. Physical therapy and rehabilitation may also be necessary if the nerves and tissues are damaged. If a person is disabled due to the fire, lifelong care may be a possibility as well.

Not all damages are physical, however, and much of the trauma sustained following a burn injury is emotional. This makes it important to also receive psychological treatments to help with the traumatic experience you’ve endured.

Many individuals who suffer burn injuries speak with counselors and professionals due to anxiety and fear that may be associated with the event that caused the burn. They may also be self-conscious of their appearance, damaging their self-esteem and requiring supportive guidance.