Jboss firing woman Imagine being in a workplace where there are potentially unsafe conditions. Perhaps there are numerous violations of health codes, or there are instances when sexual harassment may be taking place. What do you do?

Many people would be quick to report the situation to the proper authorities and governing parties. Others, however, may be worried that if they do report the situation, they would be subject to termination and they may lose their job because of their decision.

As an employee in Michigan, it’s imperative to recognize what rights you have to take legal action should your employer try to fire you for reporting a problem. For whistleblowers, there are certain protections granted from retaliatory acts from your employer.

While Michigan is an “at-will” employment state and many feel that employers don’t need a reason to fire an employee, there are certain protections in place that allow those who report any hazards under the public policy of the state.

Whether you are filing a report regarding unsafe conditions, filing a workers’ compensation claim, reporting wage law violations, or even reporting discrimination, an employer cannot fire you for any of these reasons. Your rights as an employee are protected under the state.

The statutory protections are available for the following circumstances:

If you have been fired, but you believe you have protection under the state laws, our Michigan employment law attorneys may be able to help. We want to understand your case and help you recognize the legal options available to you.