When to Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Southfield

Any time you’re injured in an auto accident through no fault of your own, you deserve to be compensated for the resulting medical expenses. Contacting a vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible after a crash can help you understand your rights and guide you […]

Michigan Bicycle vs. Car Accidents: Determining Fault

When cars and bicycles collide, the results can be deadly. Michigan saw 985 cyclist deaths in 2019, and over 1,260 cyclists injured in collisions with vehicles in 2021. With an increasing number of bicyclists sharing the road with motorists, these accidents are more likely to […]

How to Find a Good Car Accident Lawyer in Southfield

Finding a good car accident lawyer who can help you fight for full compensation after an injury-causing collision is vital to the outcome of your case. A competent lawyer can help you navigate the often-confusing legal process after a car accident. Their legal expertise can […]

When a Driver Turning Left Hits a Pedestrian, They Can Be Held Liable

Left turns at intersections are one of the most dangerous maneuvers a driver can make, and not only for the driver themself. Left turns, even when performed legally, are particularly hazardous because they require the driver to go against the flow of traffic, placing them […]

Who Is at Fault When a Car Hits a Bicyclist at an Intersection?

When a car and a bicycle collide at an intersection, it is not always clear who is at fault. However, you may consider a few general guidelines to help determine who is liable in such a situation. In most states, bicyclists have the same responsibilities […]

Can You Sue Another Driver If Their Trailer Causes Your Accident?

Have you been injured in an accident caused by another driver’s trailer? Commercial trucks are subject to more formal regulation than private vehicles, but all drivers towing trailers share common responsibilities. You may be entitled to financial compensation regardless of the type of trailer that […]

What Are the Worst Traffic Times in Detroit?

There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a traffic jam. The Urban Mobility Report 2021 shows that the average commuter endured 35 hours of traffic congestion – nearly a day and a half sitting in traffic. When the highways and roads are busiest, […]

Are Manufacturers Liable For Injuries In Crushed Roof Accidents?

Single-vehicle accidents like rollovers can be devastating for motorists. These crashes are even more severe when vehicles’ roofs collapse under their own weight of the car, truck, or SUV is upended. Many victims of crushed roof accidents mistakenly believe that they have no legal options […]

Surviving The 100 Deadliest Days On Our Roads

Starting on Memorial Day and lasting until Labor Day, the number of traffic deaths on our roads increases. That’s why AAA calls the period between these two holidays the “100 Deadliest Days.” Fatal crashes during the 100 Deadliest Days disproportionately involve teenage drivers, who are […]