CHICAGO, Ill. (June 29, 2016) — Nationally-known attorney Geoffrey Fieger, together with Jack Beam of the Beam and Raymond Law Firm of Chicago, announced today that at 3:15 p.m., a Cook County, Chicago jury awarded $53 million in the case of Isaiah Ewing, a minor, versus University of Chicago Hospital.

The case was tried in the courtroom of Judge John Kirby, 23rd Floor Daley Center, Chicago, Ill., and began on June 1. The jury deliberated only four hours. The verdict is the largest medical malpractice verdict in Cook County history, and rivals the Gerry Spence McDonald’s verdict in Cook County 30 years ago.

Fieger came to Chicago to team with Jack Beam and litigate this terrible and tragic birth trauma case.

Isaiah Ewing was born on April 20, 2004 with a severe brain injury, after suffering 12 hours of fetal distress. The complaint alleged that the residents, nurses, and attending physicians at University of Chicago Hospital, essentially ignored Isaiah and his mother Lisa, while all indications were that he was in fetal distress, suffering from oxygen deprivation, and needed to be born by an emergency C-Section.

“The University of Chicago mounted an obscene defense claiming that Isaiah’s brain injury was due to an unknown phantom infection,” Fieger said. “This defense was made all the more absurd because the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Chicago Hospital had ruled out an infection and had diagnosed Isaiah’s brain injury as being caused by lack of oxygen.

“The hospital at all times refused to accept any responsibility, and demanded that the case be tried.”

Geoffrey Fieger will hold a Press Conference at 10 a.m., Thursday, June 30, 2016 at the Peninsula Hotel, Conference Room Water Tower Park I and II, 6th Floor. The Peninsula Hotel is located at108 East Superior Street (at Northern Michigan Avenue), Chicago, Illinois 60611.