Nationally-known Attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced today that a jury in Oakland County Mich., in the courtroom of Judge Nanci Grant, has returned a $5 Million verdict against the SMART Bus Company as a result of the death of Sally LaMay, 37, in Troy, Mich., on Nov. 25, 2014.

The trial established that Sally LaMay was walking home from the store at the intersection of Maplelawn and Crooks. Sally was walking on a green light, within the crosswalk, when a SMART bus, making a left-hand turn, ran her over.

A video on the bus shows Sally attempting to run away from the bus, as the bus mowed her down. Sally was survived by her two young children, Julian and Mekenna.

“At trial the SMART bus company took the offensive position that Sally did not suffer any pain while the bus tore her apart. The jury disagreed,” Fieger said. “The verdict was returned after a week-long trial. The jury deliberated only two hours.”

The $5 Million verdict is the largest of the year in Oakland County.