Accident with Car and TruckSince no two truck accident cases are alike, one set value cannot be applied to every case. There are often several variables to consider, such as the number of people involved, the severity of injuries sustained, and insurance coverage.

Economic damages such as the following are some of the most decisive factors in determining the worth of a case:

For example, if a truck accident victim did not sustain serious injuries, and was able to return to work in a matter of weeks, future medical costs and lost wages will probably be low, possibly resulting in a low case value. However, this is usually not the case for truck accidents, which often cause devastating and life-altering injuries.

In cases where victims have sustained injuries that render them unable to return to work for several months, or even permanently, the medical expenses will be lifelong, and the value of the case will reflect that great loss.

Non-economic damages will also factor into the monetary worth of a truck accident case. This includes pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment or disfigurement, loss of society and companionship, and humiliation.

Since this type of accident involves a commercial vehicle, it is also possible that more than one party, such as the trucking company and the driver, can be sued for damages, depending on the circumstances.

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