drunk man in a barA crash occurs, and you suffer severe injuries in a collision involving a drunk driver. Of course, you know that you have the legal remedy to hold the drunk driver accountable for his or her actions. Drunk driving is negligence, meaning that the driver is responsible for any damages you sustain.

While that is the case in nearly every drunk driving accident, you may have additional rights to hold more than just the driver accountable. Michigan’s dram shop laws allow you to hold establishments and vendors accountable for their contribution to the drunk driving.

According to dram shop law, you may hold a bar, establishment, or other alcohol vendors accountable for a drunk driving accident if they give alcohol to:

When a bar serves someone, who is already showing signs of inebriation, they’re aiding the problem. Of course, the more alcohol a person has, the more impact it has on their decision-making and cognitive abilities, leading to a potential crash.

Social hosts do not typically fall under dram shop laws. As such, if the intoxicated person receives more alcohol from a party at someone’s house, you cannot file a lawsuit against the homeowner. It’s vital to speak with an attorney to determine if you have any rights in this situation.

At Fieger Law, we know how difficult it can be to recover from a severe drunk driving accident. You may be dealing with physical injuries, financial problems, and emotional trauma from the situation. It’s our goal to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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