insurance adjuster talking with claimantThere are many things that you want to do after an accident that can help you when filing either a No-Fault claim or third-party liability lawsuit. Of course, reporting the accident to your insurance company should be a top priority. However, there are certain questions they may ask and it’s important for you to know how to answer them.

They’ll most likely want to know about your physical injuries. When this time comes, you must be careful about what you say. Here’s why:

Reporting your injury to your insurance company immediately helps you throughout your claim. Even if you feel a slight bit of pain, you shouldn’t dismiss it, and instead, tell the insurance company you are experiencing discomfort and you are going to see the doctor.

The quicker you can get information regarding any physical injuries you may be experiencing the better. Reporting your injury goes a long way in helping increase the potential of your claim, and if pain and suffering is involved, may allow for a third-party liability lawsuit.

Unfortunately, many people dismiss their physical pain as a “slight soreness” and they avoid reporting the injury or getting medical attention. Keep in mind, some injuries have latency periods, but you should still report all injuries and pain immediately.

If you don’t report your pain immediately and you wait for late symptoms, the insurance company may not approve of adding physical damages to your claim. You may be unable to recover compensation for losses related to your injury.

Our Michigan car accident attorneys recommend you report your injuries immediately to best safeguard your claim and give yourself a more favorable chance at the outcome you want. At Fieger Law, we’re ready to help you through all complex matters, allowing you to focus on your recovery.